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Sonia Osborne, Nutrition Consultant & Wellness Coach

Work With Me


As a Nutrition Consultant and Coach, I’m here to help you achieve the well-being and weight loss you’ve dreamed about

My holistic coaching method

As a Nutrition Consultant and Coach, I thoroughly assess your current situation and teach you how to honour your body and its unique needs, maybe for the first time. 

My approach is holistic, customised and compassionate to enable you to connect with your body and heart to achieve true wellness – physically, mentally and emotionally. It is based on the wisdom of the female body and what it needs to heal or lose weight. 
I address all parts of your life which could include everything from blood work, dietary changes, nutrient optimisation, healing your gut, redefining your relationship with alcohol, to determining the best exercise program, improving sleep, designing a meal plan, journaling your emotions, or uncovering sabotaging habits and beliefs.


Holistic Approach Consultant and Health Coach
Yogurt with Fruit

My Services

1-on-1 Customised Consultation

A customised approach to help you lose weight or embrace wellness without short-term, extreme measures that keep you spinning your wheels.

Stop struggling with diets that don’t work and start feeling at peace with your body again.

Healthy Food & Nutrition for Health & Wellness
Online Program for Women

6-module self-paced program

Learn how to pivot with your changing hormones after 40 with the Nourishing Menopause program. 

Whether you are looking for relief from symptoms or support for healthy aging, this program will teach you how to make the second half of your life better than ever!

If any of these statements sound like you, I am here to help!

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

Your body seems resistant to weight loss despite all your efforts

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You wake exhausted and battle with fatigue

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You need coffee to wake up and wine to wind down

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You experience digestive issues including bloating, reflux, irregular bowels and/or food-related abdominal pain

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

Your hormones are unbalanced with severe PMS, anger outbursts, depression, fluid retention, heavy periods, lack of periods, hair loss, and fibroids

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You live with chronic pain

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You have poor memory, a foggy brain and struggle to concentrate

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You find it difficult to go to sleep and/or stay asleep

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You are fed up with fad diets and long for food to be an ally again

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You have sugar cravings you can’t control

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You are constantly hungry and thinking about food 

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You feel depressed despite having so much in your life

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You feel anxious most days and struggle to cope with stress like you used to

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You feel overwhelmed by life and at a loss to find meaning

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You want to start taking care of your body in a loving way

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

You are ready to make change but are confused by which approach to take

No matter how many of the above apply to you, I’m here to show you the way out, and give you support, encouragement, and hope. 

Healthy food for wellness and health
Healthy Food and Nutrition for Health and Wellness

There is always an answer, no matter how complex

Do you wake up each day longing to change the way your body looks, feels, or functions? 

You are not alone (I promise), and it doesn't have to be this way. There is an answer, no matter how many practitioners you’ve seen, or how many diets you’ve tried. 

I know this to be true from my own lived experience. My passion, education and purpose have been grounded in healing my own body. I saw countless healthcare professionals, before realising I had to navigate my own journey and educate myself to find the answers. 
From an eating disorder and infertility in my 20s, to Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, Complex PTSD, burnout and menopause at 45, I have navigated my way through it all. While I continue to work on myself, I now have a healthy relationship with food, my Hashimotos is in remission, I’m pain-free, I’ve found inner peace and my hormones are supported. 

I have now turned my pain into purpose and have helped hundreds of women achieve the wellness, weight loss and freedom they long for.

"A combination of menopause and having my hip replaced meant that my weight had slipped into the overweight category. When I first consulted Sonia, she impressed me with her extensive knowledge and caring approach. Sonia set me up with an easy to follow meal plan and most of all, she gave me the positive motivation to achieve my goal. Three months later, I have lost 7 kilos (my goal was 6) and I feel energised. My skin has a fresh glow. Sonia’s professional approach was just what I needed."

Dr J.Horan, 54 years

Sonia Osborne, Nutrition Consultant & Wellness Expert

Let’s Honour your Female Biology

In a social media world that tells us to strive harder, I support and guide you to honour the needs of your female biology - physically, mentally and emotionally. You will enjoy:

Nourishing menopause

Eating for happy hormones instead of unnecessary restriction

Come home to you

Reducing inflammation instead of obsessing over the bathroom scales

A safe space for your healing journey

Smart exercise routines instead of exhausting long cardio sessions

Live gently for stronger health

Embracing self compassion instead of being ruled by your harsh inner critic

Sonia Osborne, Free Wellness Ebook

Finding time for restorative practices instead of rushing constantly & much more.

Healthy Salad

Ready to start your journey to wellness?

It is time to forget fad diets, extreme fasting, quick fixes, over-exercising, and all the other punishing methods that don’t bring the results you want.

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