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Brand Ambassadorships


Discover Ora

Premium supplements you can trust

Supplements can play a powerful role in achieving optimal health, but they are only as good as their ingredients. 

I personally use and recommend Ora. 

Why? Ora's formulations are a combination of Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Naturopathic Medicine, and clinical evidence. Their clinically-proven products contain certified organic ingredients and no synthetic additives.


Shop with code SONIA20  for 20% off and discover the Ora difference

I am also proud to be a selected ambassador for Ora, contributing to their mission of helping others reclaim control of their health journey.

Sonia Osborne, Inu8 Luxury Welleisure Brand Ambassador


Created for Women by Women

I am so proud to be an ambassador for Inu8. I live in it! It is more than luxury active wear, you will feel so good wearing it. I will also openly say that the leggings keep my 50+ year old legs/tummy “firm” 🙂

They offer 100% guarantee that you will love their brand (and you will!)
All the pieces are made responsibly, and deliver comfort and quality.

Use code SONIA15  for 15% off and discover the difference.

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