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Sonia Osborne Nutrition Consultant & Coach


Sonia Osborne, Nutrition Consultant Expert & Wellness Coach

Are You Ready for Lasting Change?

Helping women with menopause

Are you waking up each day longing to change the way that your body looks, feels or functions?

A safe space for your healing journey

Are you trying continuous diets and exercise regimes but still feel at a loss for answers or sustainable results?

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Are you struggling with hormonal-based issues that are eroding your quality of life?

Live gently for stronger health

Are you realising the need to ensure healthy aging?

Come home to YOU!

Are you overwhelmed by all the information online and unsure what advice to follow?

Step into Your True Self

Sonia’s holistic health plans and programs are designed to identify and treat the root causes of your wellness challenges, so you can enjoy nourishment, healing and relief in all areas of your life.


I’m Sonia & Here’s What Makes Me Different

I’m honoured to help women reconnect to their bodies, minds and hearts, and discover inner peace, maybe for the first time in their lives.


I’ve been a part of the wellness industry for the last two decades, and I’ve seen its many phases and fads.


Through the wisdom of experience, years of clinical work, my own healing journey (including complex PTSD, Hashimotos and Fibromyalgia), I offer a holistic functional medicine approach that works.


My "Live Gently" model is based on achievable changes that honour the wisdom of the female body.

Sonia Osborne, Nutrition Coach & Expert

A Safe Space For Your Healing Journey

When You Work With Me, You Can Look Forward to:


Extensive knowledge, practical experience & a personalised approach tailored to your specific needs or goals


A holistic view of your well-being, including your physical, mental and emotional health

Hormone healing

A functional medicine approach that addresses the root cause of your chronic health conditions for long-term success

Holistic approach

A way to manage the perimenopause to menopause transition, hormonal challenges, and aging with ease & grace

perimenopause to menopause

Support and guidance to ensure you stay on track and overcome obstacles

Healthy Food for Healing and Wellness
"A combination of menopause and having my hip replaced meant that my weight had slipped into the overweight category. When I first consulted Sonia, she impressed me with her extensive knowledge and caring approach. Sonia set me up with an easy to follow meal plan and most of all, she gave me the positive motivation to achieve my goal. Three months later, I have lost 7 kilos (my goal was 6) and I feel energised. My skin has a fresh glow. Sonia’s professional approach was just what I needed."

Dr J.Horan, 54 years

A word from me...

Healthy Food for Health and Wellness

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"Live Gently for Strong Health"

Live Gently for Strong Health E-Book by Sonia Osborne
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