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Nourishing Menopause Online Program

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Sonia Osborne, Holistic Approach Health and Nutrition Coach

Nourishing Menopause

Online 6-Module Program for Midlife Women. Complete at your own pace - lifetime access

Are you over 40 and struggling with weight gain, weight loss resistance, aching joints, exhaustion, insomnia, forgetfulness, IBS, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and anxiety?


Welcome to the perimenopause to menopause transition. As we move out of our reproductive years, our most protective hormones are in decline.


The ovaries are retiring and handing the job over to the adrenal glands (that manage our stress response). So, while it may seem counter-intuitive, activities that over-stress the body (like hardcore exercise, late nights, and strict diets) will only intensify your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.


The perimenopause to menopause transition is a time in life when women need MORE nourishment than ever. The Nourishing Menopause program is built on the principle of nourishment, and will teach you how to manage your symptoms, and enjoy healthy ageing.

The Program:What You Will Learn

Well done on taking this step to care for yourself at a deeper level. Like most women, you probably do little for yourself in comparison to what you give out to others. Well, this program is all for YOU and all about YOU. 


Over 6 Modules you will learn about the changes and symptoms that are occurring in your body, along with the necessary holistic approach, to achieve your immediate goals (from weight loss to energy) and also ensure this next chapter of your life if filled with health, happiness, and vitality.


Here is what you get:

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

6 Modules which deep dive into each area of the menopause transition and how you need to pivot

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

Helpful videos

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

Workbooks to download

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

Suggested blood work and supplements

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

Recipes to support you

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

Lifetime access

Sonia Osborne Nutrition

Ability to contact me at any time and have a complimentary chat or book in for a customised session if you feel you need support

Sonia Osborne, Health and Nutrition Expert for Women in Menopause

The Program:What   You  Will Learn

Over 6 modules, you will learn how to “Nourishing Menopause” at your own pace. This program has already helped many women just like you reclaim their quality of life and enjoy healthy aging.

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Start Your Nourishing Menopause Journey  today!

To get started, have a complimentary chat or book in for a customised session if you feel you need support

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